Integrity Procurement is Robin Blake’s vision for enabling buyers and suppliers to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes through fair and transparent negotiated commercial arrangements.

Clients benefit from Robin's 25+ years of experience in establishing, centralising and optimising ICT sourcing departments in complex, efficiency-focused public sector environments, and is uniquely positioned to understand sourcing and supply constraints. Her reputation for adhering to the principles of honesty and fairness has established her as a trusted leader among her peers and suppliers.

Robin has a proven track record in developing and implementing robust commercial frameworks and controls to improve vendor relationships and drive performance improvement. She is a natural problem solver with a passion for working with stakeholders to ensure the delivery of commercially sensible solutions.

Employing a tenacity of character Robin leads contractual negotiations, strategically capturing synergies that have resulted in multimillion-dollar benefits.

As a people manager, Robin builds collaborative, focused team cultures, uniting the business to achieve strategic priorities through the articulation of clear business goals and setting firm expectations that promote accountability and lift performance.

With a background in health management that includes quality management, Robin faces every new challenge with a determination to bring structure and transparency, and deliver outcomes that include wide-ranging applications.

Robin is known for her firm negotiation and performance management style – there are some that might describe it as tough! But the reality is that while she sets high standards, she has a supportive approach to help others improve performance.